Delta 8 Brands to Avoid & Best Delta 8 THC on Reddit

Delta 8 Brands to Avoid & Best Delta 8 THC on Reddit [Trustworthy Delta 8 Brands Reviewed]

There are many Delta 8 brands that you can buy online, but very few of them follow strict standards or guidelines when it comes to producing high-quality products. Most of them are just trying to make money off of people looking to purchase marijuana, and they’re doing so without following GMP standards, or even basic safety protocols.

They’re not focused on quality, and they often use questionable practices like selling clones and making misleading claims about the potency of their product.

We’ve done extensive research into the industry, and we’ve come up with a list of the best Delta 8 brands that you should trust. We’ve tested each one of these companies, and we know exactly what they do to produce high-quality cannabis.

In fact, we’ve reviewed dozens of different Delta 8 brands, and we’ve put together a comprehensive guide that tells you everything you need to know about them.

Here are the Top 10 Delta 8 Brands You Can Trust:

Best Delta 8


Shop Vivimu

Tips for Buying Delta 8

Delta 8 is one of the most popular brands among travelers. However, there are many different types of Delta 8 luggage, each with its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to buy a Delta 8 suitcase, here are some tips to help you make the best choice.

1. Choose Your Budget

The price of a Delta 8 case depends on several factors, including the material used, the size, color, and design. You should choose a model suitable for your budget. For example, a cheap Delta 8 bag might cost less than $100, while a high-end Delta 8 suitcase could cost thousands of dollars.

2. Consider Your Needs

If you travel frequently, it is better to invest in a durable Delta 8 bag. A lightweight suitcase is ideal for short trips. On the contrary, heavy bags are recommended for long journeys.

3. Pick Your Color

You can find Delta 8 cases in dozens of colors, such as black, brown, blue, red, green, pink, purple, orange, yellow, white, gray, silver, gold, etc. When choosing a color, consider how well it matches your wardrobe.

Delta 8 Hemp Cultivation

Hemp is one of the oldest crops known to man. As a natural fiber crop, it provides many benefits. Delta 8 Hemp is growing its own hemp to provide all of its products. This includes CBD oil, soap, lotion, and more. They are committed to providing high-quality products that are safe and effective.

The company uses certified organic fertilizers, pest control, and soil amendments. All of these practices ensure that the plant receives the best nutrients and care possible. To grow the highest quality product possible, the company grows its own hemp.

Delta 8 Third-Party Testing

To ensure that your Delta 8® products are safe to eat they must be tested by a third party. This is done by an accredited lab. The FDA regulates all food sold in the United States, including those made by Delta 8.

Delta 8 Brand Reputation and Customer Service

There are many ways to check the reputation of a brand. You can look for reviews, ratings, and comments on social media platforms, and even contact their customer service team to see what they say about their products. But there are some things you can do yourself without spending too much money or time.


The 5 Best Delta 8 Brand Of All Time (Delta-8 THC Reviews)

The 5 Best Delta 8 Brand Of All Time (Delta-8 THC Reviews)

Delta-8 carts are one of the most popular vape products in the market today. They come in many flavors and shapes and are designed to provide a smooth vaping experience. In fact, some people prefer to use them over disposable e-cigarettes because they don’t produce smoke.

We’ve rounded up our favorite vaporizers for each type of cannabis strain, including CBD oil, hemp oil, and flower. We’ve tried and tested the best ones and we know what works best for each category. Whether you’re interested in a pen-style cart or a portable box mod, there’s something here for everyone.

5 Best Delta-8 Carts

  1. Best Delta 8 – Best Overall
  2. Koi CBD Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges – Runner Up
  3. Secret Nature Super 8 – Best Live Resin
  4. Diamond CBD Vapes – Unique Flavors
  5. Extract Labs Clementine Delta 8 Extract Tank – Organic Ingredients

How Did We Choose These Delta-8 THC Carts?

We wanted to make sure we had a wide variety of options in our review. We looked at over 20 different products and selected the ones that worked best for us. Some are great for dabbing, some are better suited for concentrates, and others are designed specifically for oil extraction. All of them offer good value for money.

The most important thing about these cartridges is that they work well and produce consistent results. They don’t require much maintenance either. You won’t have to worry about cleaning the chamber or changing out parts every few months. They’re ready to go whenever you are.


The quality of a product is often determined by how much it costs. But what happens when you buy something that looks like it cost less than $10? You might think that it must be a bargain since it costs so little.

However, there are many inexpensive items out there that don’t live up to expectations. If you want to know whether a product is really worth buying, look at the price tag carefully. There are some things that you shouldn’t spend too much money on because they won’t last long or perform very well.


The variety industry is booming. With hundreds of different strains, types of flowers, and accessories, it can seem like an endless list. But don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. We’re here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, our team of experts is ready to answer questions and guide you through every step of the process. Our goal is simple: To make sure you find everything you need.

How to Fix a Disposable Vape Pen That's Not Hitting?

How to Fix a Disposable Vape Pen That’s Not Hitting?

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular. People use e-cigarettes to quit smoking, and they use them to enjoy vaping without inhaling smoke.

They are also used to vape cannabis oil, which contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). E-cigarette batteries are cheap, and they last longer than disposable ones. But if you drop your battery, it won’t work anymore.

You’ll need to buy another one. This is annoying, especially if you’re vaping CBD oil. CBD oil is legal in some states, but it’s illegal in other places. You may want to vape CBD oil, but you don’t want to risk getting arrested.

Fortunately, you can fix a broken battery yourself.

Here’s how to fix a disposable vape pen that’s not hitting.

Step 1: Remove the battery Cover the end of the battery with tape. Then remove the battery cover.

Step 2: Unscrew the bottom screw Remove the bottom screw.

Step 3: Pull out the battery Remove the battery.

Step 4: Replace the battery Put the battery back in place. Screw the bottom screw back in place.

Step 5: Reattach the battery cap Attach the battery cap.

Step 6: Test the battery Make sure that the battery is fully charged. If it still doesn’t work, replace the battery again.

Step 7: Repeat steps 1 – 6 until it works!

A disposable vape pen is a small device designed to heat liquid nicotine into vapor. They’re very popular because they’re easy to use, and they’re cheap. But they’re not safe to use.

A disposable vape pen heats liquid nicotine inside a cartridge, which contains a heating element. When you inhale through the mouthpiece, the hot air causes the nicotine to evaporate. You can buy disposable vape pens online, and they usually come with a charger.

These chargers are similar to those found in mobile phones. They plug into a wall socket, and they charge your battery. Once the battery is full, you can use the disposable vape pen until it runs out of power.

Then you throw it away and replace it with another one. Because they’re inexpensive, disposable vape pens are widely available. But they’re dangerous. They contain chemicals called polymers, which are added to the cartridges to prevent leaks.

Polymer is a type of plastic, and it’s highly flammable. If you accidentally set fire to a disposable vape pen, it can explode.

This can cause serious injury, and it can even kill you. To reduce the risk of accidental fires, manufacturers add a warning label to the packaging. But if you read the instructions carefully, you’ll see that the warnings are misleading.

The labels warn users not to store them near anything that might catch fire, but they don’t mention any other risks.

Disposable Vape Pens

10 Reasons Why Disposable Vape Pens Are So Popular

Disposable vape pens are popular because they are convenient, easy to use, and affordable. They are also very discreet. You can carry them anywhere, and you won’t attract attention.

Most disposable vape pens come with a cartridge containing e-liquid. These cartridges usually contain nicotine, which makes them suitable for smokers.

E-liquids are available in a wide range of flavours, and they are designed to suit your preferences. You can choose from menthol, tobacco, fruit, chocolate, coffee, and other options. Many disposable vape pens offer variable wattage settings, allowing you to adjust the power output according to your preference.

Variable wattage allows you to set the strength of the vapour, and it gives you more control over the amount of vapour produced. You can also buy disposable vape pens that allow you to change the atomizer coil.

Atomizers are the heating element inside the pen, and they determine the flavour of the vapour. Changing the atomizer coil lets you experiment with different flavours. You can even buy disposable vape pens that let you replace the battery.

Batteries are expensive, and replacing them can save money. You can find disposable vape pens online, and you can purchase them from local retailers. Disposable vape pens are becoming increasingly popular, and they are expected to become more common in the future.

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular. People are switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping. They use e-cigarettes instead of tobacco products. E-cigs are battery-powered devices that heat liquid nicotine into vapour. You inhale the vapour through a mouthpiece. Most disposable vape pens come preloaded with cartridges containing varying amounts of liquid nicotine.

These cartridges are designed to last for multiple uses. When you’re ready to refill your cartridge, simply remove the old one and replace it with a new one. You can buy disposable vape pens online or in stores.

Here are ten reasons why disposable vape pens are so popular.

No mess

Disposable vape pens eliminate messy cleaning procedures. You won’t have to clean up the residue left behind after vaping. All you need to do is throw away the empty cartridge.

Easy to carry

You can easily pack disposable vape pens in your bag if you want to travel. They are small and light, which makes them easy to transport.


You can use disposable vape pens anywhere. You can even use them in public places without worrying about getting caught.


They are affordable compared to other types of electronic cigarettes. You can find cheap disposable vape pens online.


There are no harmful chemicals inside disposable vape pens. You can safely use these devices indoors and outdoors.


You can discreetly use disposable vape pens. Nobody will notice that you’re vaping.


You can use disposable vapes anywhere. You can use them in your home, office, school, or car.

Environmentally friendly

E-cig batteries contain toxic substances. Using disposable vape pens eliminates any risk of exposure to toxins.


You don’t have to worry about cleaning your reusable vape pen. You just dispose of the empty cartridge.


Disposable vape pen cartridges can be refilled. You can choose to purchase more cartridges later.

10 Strongest Delta 8 Gummies This Year 2022

10 Strongest Delta 8 Gummies This Year 2022

Delta 8 is one of the most popular brands of medical marijuana concentrate. They offer a wide variety of products, including tinctures, edibles, and vape cartridges. Their gummies are some of the strongest on the market today.

The company makes both regular strength gummies and strong gummies. The latter contain up to 20 times more THC than regular gummies. These stronger versions are perfect for those looking to consume large amounts of concentrated cannabis without feeling sick.

If you want to try out a few different flavours, check out the list below. You’ll find 10 of the best Delta 8 gummy varieties.

Potential Side-Effects of Delta 8 THC Gummies

Delta 8 makes three types of gummy candies infused with the cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or both. They’re designed to help people manage chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress. Each flavour contains 10mg of THC per piece. You can find them online and in stores like Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, and Target.

The FDA regulates medical marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). However, it doesn’t regulate recreational use. In fact, the agency says it doesn’t even consider whether something is legal or illegal when deciding whether to approve or deny a drug application. So while there are many companies selling CBD-infused products, none of them is required to test their products for safety and efficacy.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you figure out which ones are worth buying. We’ll tell you about the different kinds of CBD gummies available, along with information about each one’s potential side effects.

10 Best Delta 8 Gummies in 2022

  1. Best Delta 8 – All-Round Best Delta 8 THC Gummies
  2. BudPop – Strong Vegan-Friendly Delta 8 THC Gummies
  3. 3Chi – Impressive Reputation for Potent Delta 8 Products
  4. Delta Extrax – Strongest Delta-8 Gummies Available
  5. ATLRx – Best Budget-Friendly Delta 8 THC Gummies (Cheap Prices)
  6. CBD Genesis – Best Delta 8 Gummies Brand for Novices & First-Timers
  7. Blue Moon Hemp – Fruity Edibles with ZERO Hemp Taste
  8. CBD Mall – One-Stop-Shop for Popular Delta 8 Gummy Brands
  9. Moonwlkr – Amazing Variety of Natural Flavors
  10. Binoid – Low-dose, Vitamin-Infused D8 Gummies

Considerations for Choosing Delta 8 THC Gummies (and Any Other Cannabinoid Product)

Cannabis products are growing in popularity every day. People want to consume cannabis in many ways, including edibles, tinctures, vapes, topicals, etc. There are hundreds of companies selling cannabis products online. If you’re looking for a particular strain, brand, or type of product, it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for.

The most important thing to look for when selecting a cannabis product is quality. Quality is everything. You don’t want to spend money on something that won’t help you achieve your desired effects. When purchasing cannabis products, make sure the label clearly states how much CBD and THC there is per serving. Also, look out for other cannabinoids.

15 Best THC Edibles of 2022: Tastiest & Most Potent | Discover Magazine

15 Best THC Edibles of 2022: Tastiest & Most Potent | Discover Magazine

Some people don’t feel hungry until they’re really hungry, and some people don’t feel full until they’re really full. Some people don’t stop eating until they feel full, while others never seem to get tired of eating. Regardless of your dietary preferences, we’ve all become familiar with our comfort foods during the first half of 2021.

We may be slurping up noodles, chomping on cheese soup, or munching on piles of moose meat ice cream. We’re looking forward to our favourite comfort foods of 2021, but we’re most excited about any food that has been infused with THC.

We’ve selected our top 15 cannabis edibles for 2022 because they were the ones that stood out from the crowd. They were the ones that tasted the best and had the highest potency.

How will we decide on the 15 best THC edibles of 2021?

We’re starting off our list of the best THC edibles of 2020 with some of the most popular brands. The list includes both local and national companies, and you can see how each brand stacks up against one another.

The goal here isn’t just to rank the best THC edibles overall. Instead, we’re looking for the most innovative products. So while we’ve included several local brands, we’ve also chosen some national brands like Dixie Elixirs and Green Roads.

If you’d like to submit your product for consideration, please send us photos, videos, and descriptions via email at

How We Decided the 15 Best THC Edibles of 2021: Tastiest & Most Potent

We spent weeks testing dozens of edible brands, researching the science behind each one, and interviewing experts to find the best cannabutter, shatter, waxes, oils, tinctures, capsules, and more. In the end, we found 15 companies whose products stood above the rest.

Here are the 15 best THC edibles:

  1. Beast Delta
  2. Penguin Full Spect
  3. Delta Remedys
  4. Otter Space Delta 8 Gummies
  5. Summit THC Delta 8 Gummies
  7. 1906’s Bliss Peanut Butter Cups
  8. Kikoko’sPositivi-Tea
  9. 3Chi’s Fruity Pieces Treat
  10. Midnight Bar’s Chocolate Banana Bar
  11. KushyPunch’s Private Reserve Strawberry Gummy
  12. Moon’s Cinnamon Mints
  13. Keef’s Orange Kush Soda

How Do They Make THC Edibles?

Cannabis is one of the most popular recreational drugs in the world. However, it’s also been proven to help treat medical conditions like pain and anxiety. Some states even allow people to use cannabis legally to treat epilepsy.

But how do you make cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, into something edible? And what about tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)? This cannabinoid is responsible for making you feel high.

A few companies are now selling food products infused with CBD and THC. Here’s what you need to know about how they work.

Best HHC Disposable Vape Pens to Enjoy Until the Last Puff

Best HHC Disposable Vape Pens to Enjoy Until the Last Puff

Disposable vapes are one of the easiest ways to try out different strains of cannabis without having to buy whole cartridges or prefilled pods. They’re also great for people who want to experiment with different types of weed without breaking the bank.

There are many options available in terms of disposable vapes, ranging from simple devices that look like USB drives to complex models that come with multiple batteries and temperature controls. Some even include screens that show how much THC or CBD there is left in each pod.

How We Tested the HHC Vape Pens

We tested the HHC vaporizer pens using lab testing equipment to determine how much CBD we could extract from our sample cartridges. We used three different extraction methods: solvent-based, supercritical fluid, and microwave. Each method yielded a slightly different product. In addition, we looked at the consistency of the extracted oil.

The results showed us that there was a significant difference in the amount of CBD extracted depending on the extraction method. Supercritical extraction yielded the highest concentration of CBD, followed by solvent extraction, and finally, microwave extraction. However, the consistency of the final product varied greatly based on the extraction method.

In terms of the overall experience, we found that the HHC vape pens performed well. They had a pleasant aroma and produced smooth clouds of vapour. Unfortunately, some of the cartridges leaked out during use, especially those that were stored in warm places. This meant that we couldn’t test every cartridge in our review.

Guide to Buying the Best HHC Vape Pens

Disposable vapes are one of the most popular ways to enjoy vaping. They’re convenient, discreet, and easily portable. But there are many different kinds of disposable vape pen cartridges out there. Some are better than others. We tested all the disposable vape pens on the marketplace and found these three to stand above the rest.

Best HHC Disposable Vapes:




What is HHC Vape?

Hemp Extract Cannabidiol (HHC), also known as CBD oil, is extracted from the cannabis plant. This product is derived from industrial hemp rather than marijuana. Industrial hemp is different from marijuana because it does not contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana.

The extraction process removes virtually all traces of THC while retaining most of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the original hemp plant.

What’s the Strongest HHC Vape Pen?

Delta Extrax’s vape pens are designed specifically for people looking for a high-quality vaping experience without breaking the bank. Their products are made from premium-grade material and offer great flavours, making them one of the best options out there.

If you’re looking for something strong, check out the 180mg pen. This product offers up to 180mg of nicotine per cartridge, giving it the strongest concentration of vapour out of any vape pen on the market today.

What is an HHC Disposable Vape?

What is an HHC Disposable Vape?

HHC disposable vape pens are small, discreet, and easy to use. They come in many different sizes and colours, making it easy to find one that fits your style. These pens are ideal for anyone who loves fruity flavours. They are perfect for those looking for something light and relaxing. And best of all, they are great for people who do not enjoy vaping too much.

Blue Dream Disposable Vaporizer Pen is a hybrid strain made up of Blueberry and Haze. This combination creates an amazing aroma and warming effect that feels like a real “hug”. It relaxes you and gives you a sense of euphoria. You’ll feel happy, safe, and comfortable while using this pen.

How Much HHC is in Each Disposable Vape?

Hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde and acetone are used during the manufacturing process of our disposable e-cigarettes. They are found in the plastic components and the nicotine liquid itself. In fact, it takes about 200 grams of hazardous chemical waste to make one gram of a disposable vape cartridge. This is why we want you to know how much hazardous chemical waste is actually inside each disposable vape cartridge.

We use a high-resolution mass spectrometer to analyze every single disposable vape cartridge. We take into account the weight of the cartridge, the amount of nicotine liquid, the type of plastic material, and the volume of hazardous chemicals present. Then we calculate the total mass of hazardous chemicals in the cartridge.

By multiplying the number of cartridges sold per month by the average mass of the cartridge, we arrive at the approximate amount of hazardous chemical waste generated by our disposable vape cartridges.

The following chart shows how many grams of hazardous chemical waste is produced by each disposable vape cartridge. You can find out what percentage of hazardous chemical waste is contained within each disposable vape cartridge by dividing the amount of hazardous chemical waste by the total weight of the

Do HHC Disposables Get You High?

HHC disposable vapes are a lot better than regular vape pens. Vape pens use cartridges filled with liquid nicotine, while disposable vapes use dry herbs. This allows you to enjoy a smooth vaping experience without having to deal with messy liquids.

There is a huge variety of flavours available too. From fruity to minty, there is something for everyone.

How Long Does it Take for HHC Disposables to Kick In?

When vaping an HHC disposable e-cigarette, you will feel the effect within minutes. The HHC disposable vape is made out of medical-grade stainless steel and contains no plastic parts. You can choose from two different flavours; Runtz and WiFi, both of which are menthol based.

The HHC disposable is designed to help smokers kick the habit without having to go cold turkey. This is because the disposable vape allows you to gradually wean yourself off nicotine over time.

You can use the HHC disposable vape anywhere, anytime. All you have to do is insert the cartridge into the device, turn it on, and inhale. Once you exhale, simply throw away the cartridge and start again.

What Should You Do with HHC Disposable Vapes when Empty?

When your HHC disposable vape cartridge runs out of juice, do you just toss it aside? Or do you take care of it like you would with any other electronic device? If you’re reading this article, chances are good that you’ve already tossed your empty cartridges into the trash bin. But what happens to those little plastic containers once they’re gone?

Here’s a quick guide to help you decide whether or not you want to keep your used e-cigarettes around.

If you don’t mind getting rid of the batteries, there’s no reason to save them. They’re pretty easy to find online and at some retailers, you’ll even be able to pick up a few extra packs along with your next purchase.

If you’d prefer to keep the batteries, make sure you dispose of them responsibly. Most cities offer free recycling programs where you can drop off your batteries. And if you live near one of those locations, you might be able to use your smartphone to scan the barcode on the container and receive a discount on future purchases.

You can also try throwing them in the garbage. Many people think that they’ll end up in landfills, but most states require manufacturers to separate electronics from regular household waste. So, while it won’t hurt anything, it probably isn’t doing much to improve our environment.

The same goes for the metal coil inside the atomizer. While it’s possible to reuse the coils, we recommend tossing them whenever you change flavours. This way, you won’t accidentally inhale toxic chemicals from previous hits.

Now, let’s talk about the actual vaporizers themselves. While most vapers will agree that disposing of them is better than keeping them, there are plenty of options for how to handle the rest of the components.

Delta 8 Carts Near Me: Best Delta 8 THC Vape Brands Review

Delta 8 Carts Near Me: Best Delta 8 THC Vape Brands Review

Delta-8 is a cannabinoid compound produced from cannabis plants. It is one of several cannabinoids found within the plant. Cannabinoids are compounds that give marijuana its psychoactive properties. Delta-8 is a very powerful form of THC. In fact, some experts say it is even stronger than delta-9 THC.

There are many ways to extract delta-8 THC from cannabis plants. One way is to use solvents such as hexane or ethanol. Another method is to dry out the cannabis material and grind it into a powder. Then add water to the ground cannabis and let it sit overnight. You drain off the liquid, and what’s left is your delta-8 THC concentrate.

The most common way to make delta-8 THC today is to grow it in hemp plants. Hemp contains almost no THC, so growing hemp doesn’t require a high level of skill or expertise. If you have access to industrial hemp seeds, you can start growing your supply of delta-8 THC.

Hemp growers often refer to delta-8 as “cannabidiol.” However, there are two different types of CBD products being sold today. The first type is CBD isolate. CBD isolate is just pure cannabidiol. It does not contain any trace amounts of THC. It is typically used as a dietary supplement because it is considered safe.

Another type of CBD product is called Full Spectrum CBD. Full spectrum CBD is a combination of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids like cannabinol, tetrahydrocannabinol, and delta-9 THC.

When you purchase full spectrum CBD oil, you receive both CBD and all of the other cannabinoids found naturally in the hemp plant. Because it includes all of the cannabinoids, full spectrum CBD usually provides a much broader range of benefits than CBD isolate.

For example, full spectrum CBD may help treat pain without causing drowsiness.

Some states allow delta-8 THC while others don’t. To find out whether you can buy delta-8 THC in your state, check the laws section of our guide.

Top Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges for 2022 Reviewed

There are many different kinds of e-juice available today. Some are designed for beginners and some are geared towards experienced vapers. If you want to try something new, it might be worth checking some of the options out there. But how do you know which ones are good? Well, here are five brands that we think will make great choices for most people.

We understand that quality matters and these are our recommendations based on what we believe is the highest quality. So let’s take a look at the best THC vape cartridge.

  1. Beast Delta8
  2. Delta Effex
  3. Finest Labs
  4. Delta 8 Pro
  5. Diamond CB
Inhalation Exposure to Smoke from Synthetic “Marijuana” Produces Potent Cannabimimetic Effects in Mice

Inhalation Exposure to Smoke from Synthetic “Marijuana” Produces Potent Cannabimimetic Effects in Mice

The use of synthetic cathinone and bath salts has increased dramatically over the past few years.

These substances are often sold under names such as “bath salt,” “spice,” “plant food,” “herbal incense,” and “research chemical.” They are typically ingested orally or intravenously, and many people report feeling euphoric, energetic, and alert the following consumption.

Although there are no specific reports of deaths related to synthetic cathinone, some individuals experience psychosis, seizures, and cardiac arrest after taking these compounds. In addition, several cases of acute liver failure have been reported among young adults who used bath salts.

There is limited research into the potential long-term health consequences associated with exposure to synthetic cathinone and/or bath salts. However, preliminary evidence suggests that these substances may cause significant changes in brain chemistry.

For example, one study found that chronic administration of 4-methyl methcathinone (4-MMC), a commonly abused synthetic cathinone derivative, resulted in decreased levels of serotonin and dopamine in rats’ brains.

Other studies suggest that exposure to synthetic cathinone derivatives may lead to alterations in behaviour and cognition. Additionally, animal models indicate that these substances may induce neurotoxicity and impair learning and memory.

Although it appears that synthetic cathinone and their analogues are relatively safe when taken in low doses, there is little information about how much of these substances is required to produce toxic effects. Further research is needed to determine whether there is a dose threshold above which these substances become harmful.


The synthetic cathinone market is growing rapidly due to increasing popularity among recreational drug users. These compounds are becoming increasingly popular because they offer similar effects to those produced by MDMA while being much safer and cheaper.

In addition, they do not require a prescription, making them easy to acquire. This paper provides a brief overview of the synthetic cathinone market, including the types of compounds that exist today, how they are used, and what the future holds for this industry.


Mice were exposed to smoke generated from a device designed to deliver cannabis extract into the lungs of mice via nose-only inhalations. Cannabinoid levels were measured in blood plasma and brain tissue following exposure.


The dose-dependent effects of inhaled JWH018 on locomotor activity were similar to those reported in previous studies. Plasma concentrations of THC increased rapidly following administration of the drug, reaching maximum values within 5 min. In addition, there was a significant increase in CB1 receptor binding potential in the frontal cortex. These data suggest that the mouse model described here provides a useful tool for studying the pharmacological actions of cannabinoids.


This study demonstrates that it is possible to use a simple and inexpensive system to expose animals to aerosolized drugs. This technique offers several advantages over conventional methods, including ease of use, low cost, and minimal stress to the animal.